Process Equipment Solutions Inc. was formed specifically to provide customers with those exact needs in mind. We represent reliable and experienced process equipment specialists whose goals are to provide your company with the most cost effective solutions available.


Whether your requirements are dry material, liquid or slurry handling, or packaging of your final products, Process Equipment Solutions can handle your applications in Ontario including the GTHA.


We can also provide consulting services to assist your company with audits of your existing process equipment, prepare specifications for modifications or upgrades, and assist in the evaluation of the proposed equipment.


Please find below a listing of our process equipment partners with links to their websites:


Customer Requirements

Process Equipment Solutions Inc.

Our Solution Partners

Bulk Material Handling


Magnetic Separators & Handling

Puritan Magnetics

Mixings, Blenders, Feeders

Walter Equipment

Dense Phase Conveying

Magnum Systems

Industrial Explosion Protection

CV Technology



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