Whether your requirements are dry material, liquid or slurry handling, or packaging of your final products, Process Equipment Solutions can handle your applications.  We can also provide consulting services to assist your company with audits of your existing process equipment, prepare specifications for modifications or upgrades, and assist in the evaluation of the proposed equipment.


Please find below a listing of our process equipment partners with links to their websites:





You don’t want problems in your process. So for more than 60 years Hapman has been developing material handling solutions that keep your materials moving where you need them. That’s why you’ll find more than 10,000 Hapman installations worldwide in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, building, minerals and other industries. Each installation offers a solution to specific conveyance needs. Each delivers expected performance results, guaranteed.


And while Hapman has solved thousands of conveyance problems and designed innovative ways to move more than 2,600 distinct materials, our engineers and manufacturing staff will not pull an idea off the shelf and give it to you. Your solution starts by listening to what you need and then developing an idea that moves your material. It  addresses the problems or challenges you face in your process or the opportunities to develop new products or enter new markets.


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Industrial Magnetics


At Industrial Magnetics, Inc., we provide many off-the-shelf industrial magnet products but it is our ability to provide customer specific solutions to unique problems that sets us apart from others in the industry. We pride ourselves on quickly providing the best possible magnetic solution for our customer's requirements and without sacrificing quality. 


With worldwide distribution through a combination of a direct sales force and manufacturers representatives, we strive to provide personalized service and innovative industrial magnet solutions to meet the exact needs of your application.


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A&J Mixing


A & J Mixing International, Inc. is a provider of high performance mixers and mixing systems.


Our variety of industrial mixers include single rotor mixers, double rotor mixers, sanitary and 3A mixers, food mixers, horizontal batch mixers, continuous mixers, cement mixers that are also used for mixing tile grouts and thinsets, abrasion resistant mixers, dry mixer rebuild kits and shearmakers, or choppers, mixer dryers and electrical controls for our equipment.


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Sterling Power Systems


Sterling provides A.C. Motors, Geared Products, Variable Speed Drives:

>  Premium Efficiency A.C. Motors -- 1 through 200 HP, 230/460/575 Volt, 3 phase, TEFC 1800 or 3600 RPM.

>  Specialty Motors -- Slitter, Vibratory and Crane and Hoist Duty.

>  Sterli-Seal Washdown Motors -- All stainless steel construction - Fractional to 10 HP.

>  Speed-Tron Inverter Duty Motors, Constant or Variable Torque, 10:1 Speed range TEFC or Blower cooled - 1 to 150 HP..

>  U-Frame, P-base, Two Speed, and Brake motors.

>  Vector Duty Motors

>  Worm/Helical Worm Reducers, Fractional to 30 HP, Single Reduction, Double Reduction to 3600:1 Ratio.

>  Sterli-Seal stainless worm and helical reducers

>  Inline Helical Reducers, Fractional to 100 HP, 1.8 to 1200:1 Ratio.

>  Mechanical Variable Speed Drives, Fractional to 50 HP.

>  D.C. Drives and Motors, Fractional to 2 HP.

>  CSA Certified Panel Shop.


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Griffin Filters

Griffin Filters has been a leading manufacturer of dust collection systems for over 50 years. We started out as Dusty Dustless, Inc., making shaker-style collectors for the concrete, aggregate and construction industries. With the development of pulse jet collectors, Griffin's markets quickly expanded to include industrial process applications.


Over the last 50 years, Griffin has installed over 25,000 dust collectors worldwide. Our products pages illustrate our unusually large selection of standard dust collector models. Our selection allows us to match the widest range of application needs, from solids processing to product recovery and air pollution control. But the core of our business is innovative design and application knowhow, so if our standard models don't meet your needs, we will design a dust collector that can.


The Griffin focus on individualized solutions means optimum performance and cost effectiveness for our customers. It provides single-source convenience and economy. And it's how our company has earned ongoing business from many of the world's top manufacturers.


Griffin also offers an extensive selection of spare parts, filter bags, and cages for dust collection systems.  If you don’t see what you need, contact us. We regularly provide custom or special order products at competitive prices.


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Magnum Systems


Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying


If your material is highly abrasive or very fragile, a dense phase system may be your conveying answer. Smoot’s dense phase systems transfer material at lower speeds and higher product-to-air ratios. At Smoot we design dense phase with a difference…it works without cumbersome and expensive compressed air line boosters.


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CV Technology


CV Technology, Inc. is a worldwide leader in explosion prevention and mitigation equipment for processes that handle combustible dust. Located in Jupiter, Florida, CV Technology is a leading supplier of explosion vents, flameless vents, isolation valves, and chemical suppression systems.


Explosion Venting:  Explosion venting offers a passive and economical means of explosion mitigation by releasing at designed pressures to exhaust the flame and relieve the pressure associated with a dust explosion. Flameless explosion vents provide a safe means of explosion venting indoors or in occupied areas where flame cannot be exhausted.


Explosion Suppression:  Chemical suppression systems are designed to provide an active method to protect process equipment handling combustible dusts.  Advanced pressure detectors, optical sensors, and controls provide superior suppression performance.


Explosion Isolation: In many industrial systems it is not enough to only protect the vessels where the dust explosion is initiated as propagation of the flame can occur down pipes or ductwork.  CV Technology offers a variety of different explosion isolation valve systems and chemical isolators.


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Prater Industries


Airlocks, Mills, Separators - Serving Our Customers Since 1925, Perfectly Matched Performance


Prater offers a wide range of equipment for particle size reduction, enlargement, feeding and separation such as hammermills, fine grinders, lump breakers, classifiers, airlock rotary valves, briquettors/compactors and more. All Prater equipment, parts and systems are designed and built to provide years of low maintenance, reliable service. Prater also offers highly skilled and experienced technical services on-site for start-up, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.


At Prater, our products provide “Perfectly Matched Performance” for your dry processing, powder and bulk solids applications. With Prater’s extensive line of equipment and systems, you will obtain the best possible results of your process time after time. Each of our high-quality products are developed to serve each industry differently, in order to provide the desired outcome of each processing application.


Each of our products carries the Prater guarantee of efficiency and durability, while designed to adapt to serve the needs of a variety of industry applications. Prater products are rugged and time-tested, providing the best results for materials processing. Whether you plan to feed, size, enlarge, weigh, or reduce your material, Prater products provide the Particle Management Solutions you seek.


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As evident by the many patents issued to our founder, Mr. George D. Dumbaugh, P.E., we are pledged to conserving energy by engineering our Vibratory Machines to perform Material Handling functions with the least amount of power being consumed.  Thus, all have the highest degree of “Energy Efficiency” available.


Our “Induced Vertical Flow” units are uniquely designed and properly operated because they only supplement the force of gravity.  The Dischargers are vibrated in timely spurts with the needed amount of dynamic force to induce obstinate bulk solids to reliably and steadily flow from storage.  The resulting “Expanded” kind of Vertical Flow Pattern duplicates the same open crater that naturally occurs when the particles are “Free Flowing”.  This is why Bins and Silos completely empty.  Densifying is accomplished by intentionally vibrating particles that can not flow.  The overly vibrated particles slightly move to “re-orient” to enable them to fill any available voids.  Consequently, the particles become packed or “Densified”.  Therefore, by “not forcing” and just “Inducing” bulk solids to flow in conjunction with the Force of Gravity, the wanted performance is achieved and the power required is minimal for Discharging Bins, Silos, Piles, and Rail Cars or Densifying filled Containers and Loading Rail Cars.


Our “Induced Conveying” units use steel coil type springs to provide most of the driving force required to vibrate the Feeder, Conveyor, Screen, or the like.  This assisting force is identified as “Kinergy” which is defined as the specific Kinetic Energy developed by a spring’s motion during the drive portion of its cycle.  Even though the net power output is zero, the most effective use of “Kinergy” maximizes Energy Efficiency.  Thus, it is said to be “Kinergy Driven”.  The power reduction is comparatively 50% to 75% or more, which is the wanted objective.


By ensuring a proper “Interface” of the Vibratory Unit’s inlet and outlets, its installation in any portion of a Unit Piece or Bulk Solid Handling System, the power consumed is further reduced.  The reason is the resulting “Interface” is not detrimental to the performance of either unit being combined.


Conserving the earth’s energy without compromising the Vibratory Machine’s performance capability in a Material Handling System is the Kinergy Credo.

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